Thank you for your interest in Harmony Management and Productions (HMP).  We look forward to partnering with you and growing together.  Every aspect of entertainment, in some form, can find it's roots in music.  Writing, producing, even modeling and acting all comes full circle back to a musical origin.  That's why our mission is "Harmonizing the world with music."  During this mission though, we all need nurturing and guidance from others that have our best interest at heart.  That's  where Harmony is at its best.

     This is a very competitive industry, where many insiders take a "what's in it for me" stance.  At Harmony, our goal is to present our client's with an atmosphere of shared development; as the client grows, so does Harmony.  As presented in the company's history, we are a full scale entertainment management and production company, with a wide range of offerings to our clients.

     The Harmony staff  provides both skill sets and specialties that can be leveraged by our clients.  This is truly a family atmosphere, where we often form "all-star" teams to work with clients given their need at a particular time.  That's what makes HMP unique.  If production is needed, clients are paired with producers.  Later in the process, HMP's marketing arm is involved with the client's development and positioning in the market.  When necessary, road management can also be provided.   Our staff works in "Harmony". 

     Of course this brief description by no means can encompass what HMP brings to the table.  Please feel free to engage us and let us guide you through this maze also known as the entertainment industry.  Much success, good luck and God bless.

Marvin J. Crawley
CEO & Chairman
Harmony Management & Productions