Although our primary mission at Harmony Management and Productions is to establish long-lasting relationships with our partners, we understand that during your journey to success your needs may vary. In a display of flexibility and an effort to play a role where you see fit, we offer selected services from which you can choose.  Please feel free to review the menu below and/or contact the Director of Marketing for additional information and ad hoc service pricing.  As always, we look forward to partnering with you.

Promotion Assistance

    Unless your funding resources are unlimited, traditional mass marketing techniques yield low returns and responses.  Don't clip 10,000 flyers to windshields; create an inexpensive radio spot targeted to your audience.  Don't send your unsolicited material to be screened by an intern; have lunch with decision makers.  Harmony can assist with market segmentation techniques that work.

       *  Non - Traditional Street Team
       *  Assisted networking opportunities

 Marketing Material Creation

    It's not a cliché', you really "…only get one chance to make a first impression".  Your marketing materials will be there to represent you when you're unavailable. What will they say about your professionalism and work ethic?  Tap into the resources at Harmony to make a positive statement about yourself or business. 

       *  Promotional Packets
       *  Press Releases
       *  Biographies
       *  Album/Song Summaries

                                                    Business Consulting

    The Harmony staff has over a combined 75 years of business experience within the "traditional" corporate marketplace and music industry.  With formal educations ranging from MBA to IT Certifications, the business acumen of the Harmony staff is without question.  

       *  Creating/Editing Business Plans
       *  Strategic Direction Consultation
       *  Marketing Plan Creation
       *  Miscellaneous Administrative Services
       *  IT Infrastructure Consultation (including e-commerce)
       *  Objective Contract Reviews

                                                        Graphic Design

    The importance and impact of sharp graphic design should not be overlooked.  Make your mark and stand out from the crowd. 

       *  Website Design
       *  Logo's and/or Trademark Design
       *  Album Cover and Liner note Design


Ad Hoc Services