History of Harmony Management and Productions

(Misfortune to Mission)

      Harmony's inception began in 1986 with the creation of the group Nouvelle.  Nouvelle was destined for stardom and was in fact on an international tour when misfortune and contractual disputes lead to the group leaving the tour.  Throughout their experience, Nouvelle established many
lasting label/entertainment contacts.  Their experience did not go unnoticed by others.  Soon after leaving the tour, back in their home state of Louisiana, Nouvelle was often sought after for advice and direction from local groups; the seed for management had been planted.  The eight year Nouvelle experience gave the founders of Harmony Management & Productions (HMP) the foundation and determination to create an atmosphere of shared growing between artists andmanagement.  In 1994 with six groups and a hunger for success, Harmony was born.

     Initially HMP made it's success through local artists and Louisiana celebrities.  In the mid '90's, their artists could be seen on BET as well as Young Sisters and Brothers.  Under HMP's guidance, groups also understood that "paying dues" were necessary as a newcomer in the industry and therefore did not mind serving as opening acts for such artists as MC Hammer, Aaron Hall, Tony Terry and a host of others.  Although very successful on the local scene, soon HMP realized that true success meant expansion.  With that in mind, the two founders agreed that "the new Mowtown of the South", Atlanta, should be their next stop.

     In 1996, HMP cofounder, Marvin Crawley, moved to Atlanta determined to open that market.
After establishing HMP's headquarters in Atlanta, the company began to to target additional artists in the area.  Soon after in 1997, HMP's Vice President / cofounder, Johnathan P. Williams followed
the path to Atlanta, along with one of their acts "Structure".  For three years, HMP's core focus was
R&B, Gospel and Jazz.   The rap segment was established in 1999 with the acquisition of Anthony Testman's Thin Line Productions out of NY.  This addition has proved successful.  HMP has now done succesful tour management throughout Florida, Alabama and Tennessee for Dash Production's
Tri State Heritage Tour.  Acts on this tour included Goddie Mob, Gangsta Boo, Lil John and the Eastside Boys, Juvenile and Movement X.. 

     With this proven success, it was then time to take HMP to the next level, full scale entertainment management.  In 3rd quarter '99, HMP opened its door to representing not only artists but also, writers, music producers, engineers, models and actors; with sports management soon to follow.  Since a successful 1st quarter '00 merger with the JW group out of Baltimore, MD, HMP has retrenched its roots in the Gospel market. 

     With headquarters in Atlanta and now satellite branches in both Maryland and Louisiana, HMP is poised to "harmonize the world with music".