Established in 1994, Harmony Management & Productions (Harmony) is a full-scale management corporation.  Services include, but are not limited to, artist management, business consulting, marketing material development and distribution, artist development, tour management, as well as non-traditional promotion through assisted networking opportunities. 

Harmony has relationships with "major" record labels, but also provides business consultation and strategic direction to "independents".  Harmony's business network encompasses photographers, music producers, recording studio engineers, performance venue operators, promoters and numerous personal managers.  The staff has over a combined 75 years of business experience within the "traditional" corporate marketplace and music industry and formal educations ranging from MBA to IT Certifications.

Harmony Updates:

** In an effort to play a role where you see fit, Harmony now offers selected services from which you can choose.  Learn more...

** For Immediate Release:  The newly anticipated release of Harmony artist Johnathan Williams new album is now on sale.  Purchase this hot selling CD today.  Click here for further details.